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2nd VB Wiltshire Regiment Victorian OR’s glengarry badge c1887-96

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A good scarce die-stamped brass example. Crowned circlet inscribed “Wilts Regt. 2nd Volr. Battn.”. To the voided centre, a cross pattée bearing Duke’s coronet and cypher “AEA” (Alfred Ernest Albert, second son of Queen Victoria) to the centre. Two loops to reverse.
2nd Wiltshire RV’s became a VB of the regiment on Friday 1st July 1881 however not designated 2nd VB until 1st December 1887 with headquarters at Chippenham. The battalion wore green uniforms with black facings. Many of it’s members served in the Boer War resulting in the Battalion being awarded the honour “South Africa 1900-02” in 1905.