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Rifle Brigade Militia Bns Victorian Officer’s pouch belt plate

£280.00 Approx $353.54, €324.83

Code: 21088

A fine die-stamped silver plated example. Within a laurel wreath surmounted by a Guelphic Crown resting on a blank tablet, a Maltese cross, ball finials to the points, lions between the arms. To the centre, within a circlet inscribed “Rifle Brigade”, a crowned strung bugle. Mounted on the base of the wreath, a scroll inscribed The Prince Consort’s Own”. Four screw posts to reverse and complete with backing plate.
Worn by 5th Bn (late 2nd R.Tower Hamlets Militia), 6th (late Royal Regt. of Longford Rifles Irish Militia), 7th (late 1st R.Tower Hamlets Militia), 8th (late Leitrim Rifles Irish Militia disbanded 1889) and  9th (late Westmeath Rifles Irish Militia) Battalions RB